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  Psychoides filicivora (Fern Smut)    Photo © Oliver Wadsworth

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27 species. Wingspan 10-28mm.

The Clothes Moth family. Their larva feed in a silken tube or from a flat silken case on fabrics and stored products mainly of animal origin, in the nests of birds, mammals and Hymenoptera on decaying organic matter, in fungi, and in dead wood probably mostly on fungal hyphae. 2 species feed on the sporangia of ferns and 1 species on lichen.

Imagines often run fast over surfaces spinning rapidly around. Formerly some were serious pests of woollen fabric and furs and feathers indoors and others in unheated buildings. Modern insecticides, the vacuum cleaner, and the more dry sterile modern domestic environments have caused some species to become extinct and others very uncommon and rare. Other species which live outdoors in natural habitats are still widespread in occurrence.

12.006 203 Infurcitinea argentimaculella
Silver-barred Clothes Moth
12.010 196 Morophaga choragella
Large Clothes Moth
7.011 142 Nematopogon pilella
Pale Brown Long-horn
12.011 225 Triaxomera fulvimitrella
Four-spotted Clothes Moth
12.012 224 Triaxomera parasitella
Large Brindled Clothes Moth
12.014 223 Nemaxera betulinella
Gold-speckled Clothes Moth
12.015 215 Nemapogon granella
Corn Moth
12.016 216 Nemapogon cloacella
Cork Moth
12.017 217 Nemapogon koenigi
White-speckled Clothes Moth
12.019 219 Nemapogon ruricolella
Gold-sheen Clothes Moth
12.020 218 Nemapogon variatella
Pale Corn Clothes Moth
12.021 220 Nemapogon clematella
Barred White Clothes Moth
12.023 226 Triaxomasia caprimulgella
Small Timber Clothes Moth
12.025 234 Trichophaga tapetzella
Tapestry Moth
12.026 236 Tineola bisselliella
Common Clothes Moth
12.027 240 Tinea pellionella
Case-bearing Clothes Moth
12.028 243 Tinea dubiella
Buff Clothes Moth
12.029 244 Tinea flavescentella
Plain Clothes Moth
12.030 245 Tinea pallescentella
Large Pale Clothes Moth
12.031 239 Tinea columbariella
Eaves Clothes Moth
12.032 246 Tinea semifulvella
Fulvous Clothes Moth
12.033 247 Tinea trinotella
Birdís-nest Moth
12.034 237 Niditinea fuscella
Brown-dotted Clothes Moth
12.035 238 Niditinea striolella
Brindled Clothes Moth
12.036 227 Monopis laevigella
Skin Moth
12.037 228 Monopis weaverella
Carrion Moth
12.038 229 Monopis obviella
Yellow-backed Clothes Moth
12.039 230 Monopis crocicapitella
Pale-backed Clothes Moth
12.040 231 Monopis imella
Felt Clothes Moth
12.042 233 Monopis fenestratella
Brown Timber Clothes Moth
12.043 211 Haplotinea ditella
Scarce Drab Clothes Moth
12.044 212 Haplotinea insectella
Drab Clothes Moth
12.045 278a Opogona omoscopa
Eastern Detritus Moth
12.046 277 Oinophila v-flava
Yellow V Moth
12.047 199 Psychoides verhuella
Hart's-tongue Smut
12.048 200 Psychoides filicivora
Fern Smut

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